Key results 2015

The Cypriot students (from the government-controlled areas) reported substance use prevalence rates of more or less the same magnitude as the ESPAD average for five of the eight key variables studied. However, both last-30-day alcohol use and last-30-day heavy episodic drinking were clearly more commonly reported in Cyprus, since these two measures were 20 and 15 percentage points above average, respectively. Lifetime cannabis use in Cyprus, on the other hand, was below the average (7 % versus 16 %). The overall picture of Cyprus, in the ESPAD context, is that alcohol use seems to be more common while cannabis use seems to be less so.

Country facts:
Area: 9200 km2
Population: 0,8 million

Country contacts: 

Kyriakos Veresies 
Principal Investigator

Cyprus Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
9 Roumelis
6036 Larnaca
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