Key results 2015

For one of the eight key variables the results from the Estonian survey were well below the ESPAD average, since only 38 % of the Estonian students reported any use of alcohol during the last 30 days, compared to the overall average of 48 %. For heavy episodic drinking during the last 30 days, cigarette use during the last 30 days and lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis the results were in line with the ESPAD average. For the four remaining variables Estonian students reported higher levels of lifetime use and, in relative terms, this is notable not least for inhalants (13 % versus 7 %) and NPS (10 % versus 4 %), but also for cannabis (25 % versus 16 %). In the ESPAD context, the general impression is that Estonian students tend to display more extensive use of substances other than alcohol and cigarettes.

Country facts:
Area: 43200 km2
Population: 1,3 million

Country contacts: 

Sigrid Vorobjov
Principal Investigator

National Institute for Health Development
Hiiu 42
Tallinn 11619
Tel: +372 6593998