Key results 2015

For three of the eight key variables studied, the Irish students reported prevalence rates slightly above the ESPAD average. This was true for lifetime use of cannabis, lifetime use of inhalants and lifetime use of NPS, even though the differences were not substantial. Non-prescribed use of tranquillisers or sedatives was, on the other hand, below average, while lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis was more in line with the overall average. Last-30-day use of alcohol and of heavy episodic drinking was less common among Irish students compared to the overall ESPAD picture. This was also the case for cigarette use during the last 30 days (13 % compared to 21 %). In conclusion, even though Irish students’ overall substance-use habits do not seem to differ all that much from the ESPAD average, experience of inhalants and NPS seemed to be slightly more common while last-30-day use of cigarettes and alcohol was less common.

Country facts:
Area: 70300 km2
Population: 4,6 million

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