Key results 2015

On one of the eight key variables studied Liechtenstein was notably below the average for all countries. This was true for non-prescription use of tranquillisers or sedatives (3 % versus 6 %). By contrast, the proportion of students reporting lifetime use of cannabis was almost twice as high as the ESPAD average (30 % versus 16 %). In addition, last-30-day use of cigarettes, last-30-day use of alcohol and heavy episodic drinking during last 30 days were all higher in Liechtenstein. The proportions of Liechtenstein students reporting lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis, inhalants and NPS, however, were of the same magnitude as the ESPAD average. On the whole, apart from the relatively low lifetime use of non-prescribed tranquillisers or sedatives, several of the results for Liechtenstein tended to be above the ESPAD average, especially lifetime cannabis use.

Country facts:
Area: 160 km2
Population: 36 000

Country contacts: 

Esther Kocsis 
Principal Investigator

Amt für Soziale Dienste
Postplatz 2
9494 Schaan
Tel: +4232367268