Key results 2015

Students in Norway reported prevalence rates clearly below the ESPAD average on four out of the eight key variables. The remaining four measures were a few percentage points below or the same as the average for all countries. Most notable was the low proportion of students reporting alcohol use in the last 30 days (22 % versus 48 %). Heavy episodic drinking was also clearly below the overall average (19 % versus 35 %). Prevalence rates for cigarette use in the last 30 days and lifetime use of cannabis were not even half as high as the ESPAD average. Low results for Norway were also noted for lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis (2 %) and lifetime use of NPS (1 %). Measures more similar to the average for all countries were lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription and lifetime use of inhalants. In sum, this leads to the conclusion that Norway appears to be a low-prevalence country when it comes to substance use in comparison with other ESPAD countries.

Country facts:
Area: 323800 km2
Population: 4,9 million

Country contacts: 

Elin K. Bye 
Principal Investigator

Norwegian institute of Public Health
PO Box 4404, Nydalen
0403 Oslo
Tel: +47 21077000