The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs


Key results 2011

Compared with the ESPAD average, fewer Finnish students reported lifetime use of cannabis and of illicit drugs other than cannabis, while lifetime use of inhalants and non-prescribed use of sedatives and tranquillisers were of the same magnitude as the ESPAD average. Cigarette use during the past 30 days was slightly more commonly reported in Finland while past-30-days use of alcohol and heavy episodic drinking were less common. The most striking difference is that Finnish students reported a considerably larger amount of alcohol consumed on the latest drinking day (7.5 versus 5.1 centilitres of pure alcohol). Hence, Finnish students appear to use alcohol less often but in larger quantities than the ESPAD average. Apart from the large alcohol quantity, the overall impression is that Finnish students report substance-use habits that are relatively well in line with the ESPAD average.

Country facts:
Area: 304500 km2
Population: 5,4 million

Country contacts

  • Kirsimarja Raitasalo
  • Researcher, PhD
  • THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare)
    Mannerheimintie 164 A (P.O. Box 30)
  • Tel: +358 29 524 7005
    Mob: +358 40 7218959

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