The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs


Key results 2011

The French results relating to the volume of alcohol consumed on the latest drinking day have been deemed non-comparable, which is why only seven of the key variables are presented in the figure. It is clear from the chart that French students generally report substance use on a higher level than the ESPAD average. For instance, past-30-days use of cigarettes and alcohol as well as heavy episodic drinking exceed the average for all countries. So does the lifetime prevalence of use of illicit drugs other than cannabis, use of inhalants and non-prescription use of tranquillisers/sedatives. Most strikingly, however, the reported level of lifetime use of cannabis is more than twice as high as the ESPAD average (39% versus 17%). The overall picture, in the ESPAD context, is that French students display more extensive substance-use habits.

Country facts:
Area: 544000 km2
Population: 62,8 million

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