The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs


Key results 2011

In contrast to relatively low prevalence rates for all other key variables, the students in Norway report rather large volumes of alcohol consumed on the latest drinking day compared with the ESPAD average (7.1 versus 5.1 centilitres of pure alcohol). It should be noted that the proportion of students who reported that they had consumed alcohol during the past 30 days is clearly below average and that the results for heavy episodic drinking are also below the average for all countries. Compared with the ESPAD average, half as many Norwegian students reported use of cigarettes during the past 30 days and lifetime use of inhalants, and the differences are even larger for lifetime use of cannabis (5% versus 17%). Apart from the relatively large volumes of alcohol consumed on the latest drinking day, Norway appears to be a low-prevalence country compared with most other ESPAD countries.

Country facts:
Area: 323800 km2
Population: 4,9 million

Country contacts

  • Elin K. Bye
  • Ms.
  • Norwegian institute of Alchol and Drug Research
    Postboks 565 Sentrum
    Oslo  105
  • Tel: +47 22 34 04 27
    Mob: +47 95945568


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