ESPAD Data Collections


ESPAD Data Collections

ESPAD data collections are performed every four years. The first ESPAD survey was carried out in 1995, while the seventh survey took place in 2019. The most recent results are available in the 2019 ESPAD Report (

A growing number of countries have participated in the data collections throughout the years. In 2019 ESPAD wave, 35 countries collected data. Please refer to the table of Principal Investigators in all European countries that have carried out at least one data collection (participating countries).

To get in contact with a Principal Investigator in a particular country, check the list of national Principal Investigators mentioned before and contact to obtain the personal contacts.

Since 2003, datasets from all participating countries have been merged and stored into common Databases. Researchers may apply for the use those Databases, following a standard online application.

The Swedish Ministry of Health and Social affairs and, to some extent, the Pompidou Group at the Council of Europe have supported ESPAD throughout the years. The EMCDDA has supported the ESPAD project for a long time, since 2013 become involved in the coordination, and since 2017 become the main international partner and supporter (including funding national data collection in some countries). The CNR (Italy) become the coordinator in 2016 and has also supported the project, notably in the preparation and drafting of the 2019 report.